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New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer


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New Star Soccer is a highly addictive online soccer game that puts you in the shoes of a budding football superstar. As a player, you will embark on a journey to rise through the ranks of the football world, starting from the lower leagues and eventually reaching international stardom.

Game Controls

Playing New Star Soccer is easy and intuitive. The game can be played using simple mouse clicks or taps on touch devices. The controls are designed to be user-friendly, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the game effortlessly.

How to Play

In New Star Soccer, your goal is to become the best footballer in the world. You start as a young player in the lower leagues and gradually work your way up by impressing your coaches and managers. The game offers a mix of on-pitch action and off-pitch decisions, making every aspect of a player’s career a part of the gameplay.

During matches, you control your player by clicking on spaces on the pitch to move and tapping to shoot or pass the ball. Your performance in matches is crucial, as it directly impacts your player’s progress and development. Off the pitch, you can improve your skills by attending training sessions, negotiating contracts, and interacting with teammates and media.

Tips and Tricks

  • Focus on Training: Regularly attending training sessions will help improve your player’s skills and attributes. Allocate your time wisely between training and matches to maximize your progress.

  • Manage Energy: Pay attention to your player’s energy levels. Playing matches with low energy can lead to poor performance and potential injuries. Take breaks, rest, and recover to maintain your peak performance.

  • Make Wise Choices: Both on and off the pitch, your decisions matter. Be mindful of how you spend your hard-earned money, handle media interactions, and manage your relationships with teammates and coaches.

  • Balance Stats: All attributes and skills are important for a successful career. Aim to have a well-rounded player with a balanced combination of physical, technical, and mental attributes.

Game Developer

New Star Soccer is developed by Simon Read, a game developer known for his passion for football. His attention to detail and addictive gameplay have made New Star Soccer a fan-favorite among soccer enthusiasts worldwide.

Game Platforms

New Star Soccer can be played on various platforms, including:

  • Desktop computers (Windows and macOS)
  • Mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • Web browsers

How to Play Unblocked

If you’re looking to play New Star Soccer unblocked, you can visit the official website of the game at or try accessing other reputable gaming websites that offer unblocked games. Enjoy the game without any restrictions and start your journey to football stardom!

So, what are you waiting for? Lace up your virtual boots and dive into the thrilling world of New Star Soccer! Show off your football skills, make strategic decisions, and become the ultimate soccer superstar.